INTRODUCTORY WELCOME from CEO & Managing Director hi, my name is Ivor and I am a Electrical Electronic Engineer by Profession, qualified to Bachelor Of Engineering Honours Degree standard with classification. Some Sixteen years ago I came upon the idea of producing a series of Software based CAD-E Tutorial Projects, that were geared to enhancing the performance of my fellow peers within my chosen engineering discipline,and to present to the budding 6th form,Under-Graduate,Graduate, or indeed Post Graduate Student, or Engineer a series of compact easy to understand Software solutions to well documented Scientific,Digital Engineering & Computer based concepts. These fields covered such diverse subject areas as; Microprocessor Engineering, Tele-communications Engineering,Electronic Instrumentation,Electrical Engineering Analysis/Scienceto name,but a few. Following the initial Pencil/Pen notes and calculations of the late 1990s, and extensive Word processed documentation and testing, it was decided to formulate the specialised tutorials onto Disc Media :i e DVD, CD-RW,SD, E-READER etc... employing High Level Language programming in PASCAL C & dELPHI and additional SPICE/MATLAB formats for Professional engineers & students alike in the Year 2000. Seven years later the dream was realised in December of 2007 when my present Home-based residential private Limited companies were duly & legally formed. I therefore invite you to sample what products this new and exciting Company has to offer to public as well as the laymen and Women of the Industry. IVOR M GEORGE BENG(HONOURS)ELECTRICAL ELECTRONIC ENG C.E.O 5TH MARCH 2010 15:54PM G.M.T/1ST MARCH 2017 19:23PM/23RD OCTOBER 2018 15:58PM B.S.T/ 1ST NOVEMBER 2018 08:04AM B.W.T/28TH DECEMBER 2018 22:33PM/19TH MARCH 2020 23:38PM / 1ST FEBRUARY 2023 23:49PM B.W.T/17TH MAY 2023 08:07AM / 9TH JULY 2023 08:29AM B.S.T/ 1ST NOVEMBER 2023 18:45PM B.W.T